Laser Fair Skin Treatment

Laser Fair Skin Treatment

It can’t be that easy. But it is. With a series of simple, painless IPL Photorejuvenation procedures at Aesthetics Cosmetic Center, you can:

. Decrease the appearance of large, unsightly pores.
. Stimulate your body to produce new surface collagen.
. Provide support and structure for your face.
. Brighten and refresh your skin.


IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Photorejuvenation is a non-invasive medical procedure that successfully treats:

. Age spots and pigmentation
. Large pore size
. Fine lines and wrinkles
. Rough skin texture
. Rosacea
. Unwanted face veins or broken capillaries.

Frequently called the “complexion treatment” because of its positive effects on skin tone and texture, IPL is not a true laser treatment, but uses intense pulsed light to achieve visible results. IPL may also be used in conjunction with topical acne treatments to reduce oil produced by the sebaceous glands.

For best results, we recommend a series of four to six treatments scheduled three to four months apart. Talk to your Aesthetics Cosmetic Center skincare professional today about how IPL can help you to brighten and refresh your appearance.


IPL technology uses a filtered flashlamp to emit high-intensity, plasma energy-filled laser beams. The energy-filled lasers are channeled through the epidermis (the outermost layers of the skin), targeted to reach the unwanted cells of the dermis (the deeper skin layers). The unwanted skin cells, such as those that have accumulated an abundance of melanin, are dissolved or destroyed by the precisely aimed beams. The surrounding cells remain untouched, thereby promoting the growth of new skin cells as the unwanted pigmentation is removed. The promotion of new cell growth is the key function of the treatment, as this is the function that yields “newer” and “younger” skin.


IPL photorejuvenation patients range in age, skin condition and treatment objectives. Corrective IPL treatment is commonly used to reduce skin discoloration, diminish the appearance of age spots and liver spots (flat, dark spots of varying size and hue). Age spots are typically seen in fair-skinned people who’ve experienced an overexposure to UV rays. Melasmas have a similar appearance, but they’re a form of hyper pigmentation caused by pregnancy, hormone medication or menopause. Corrective IPL treatment is also used on unwanted birthmarks, broken capillaries, redness caused by rosacea and scars (especially acne scars). Patients with less age-affected skin use IPL treatment as a preventative cosmetic solution, to sustain an even skin tone and expose a more radiant complexion by the turn-over of new skin cells.


IPL rejuvenation treatment is non-invasive, meaning that the lasers permeate through the outer layers of the skin to the layers beneath. The intention is to leave the outer skin layers undamaged, which is seen as a significant benefit of choosing IPL treatment over other cosmetic laser procedures.


It is extremely rare that an anesthetic is used during IPL photorejuvenation, as IPL patients experience little to no pain. A slight prickling sensation or a brief, tiny pinch on the skin are the typical “pain” warnings. Post-treatment, patients may immediately return to their regular daily routines, as there is no post-treatment downtime.


One session of IPL photorejuvenation delivers immediately visible results, but some skin conditions require multiple sessions to achieve desired results. An improved complexion and a more even skin tone are the result of one IPL session. One or two sessions can correct broken capillaries and redness, typically around the nose. Age spots, liver spots and similar forms of skin hyperpigmentation usually require multiple sessions. Session quantity depends on the depth of the skin ailment. Texture issues, like fine lines and wrinkles, require the most time. All results are long-term to permanent.


Post-treatment, the skin of an IPL photorejuvenation patient is substantially more sensitive to UV rays. The “fresh” cells that lend the skin its youthful appearance are far more prone to sun damage, and it’s crucial that patients use a stronger SPF than usual, even for stepping out on a cloudy day. Also, post-treatment skin irritation is not uncommon. Itchiness and redness of the skin is possible. Although extremely rare, a stinging sensation is also a possible skin reaction


“After my first IPL treatment, my skin’s redness was one-third improve. After the second treatment, two-thirds of the redness was gone. I can’t wait to see the results after the third treatment. The dark circles under my eyes were noticeably lightened. I didn’t realize how many age spots there were on my face until they came to the surface and disappeared. The only downside is that I now have to tell people that I am 40, because I have a 16 year-old-son and people look at me and think I must have been a young teenager when I had him.”