Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Here are a lot of things that we take for granted one such object is our hairs. We do not worry a lot to be concerned about them. No offense to those who are dedicated towards hair care but 90% of the inhabitants of the planet become aware of their hair care problem when they turn out to be severe. The main hair lock difficulty that the man is today is thinning of hair. It is can be due to age, unwanted stress levels, improper diet or due to a medical problem.

Recently hair transplant has emerged as a very effective solution to the problem of thinning of hairs. It gives a more realistic look to your head with naturally fuller hair. You must go for a hair transplant if you are concerned about your looks and the hairless head.

Hair Transplant Detail:

Doctors started to perform hair transplant in the year 1950’s in the United States. It started with the technology dated back then and now has its more advanced technical enhancements. Hair transplant is a type of surgery where the surgeon moves a patch of hair from such part of your head that is fuller in comparison to the other part. This patch is then fitted on the area with thin or no hair portion.

This procedure is carried out at a medical facility and there are mainly two major types:

  • Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS)
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

The Follicular Unit Strip Surgery involves extracting a complete patch of 6- 10 inches from the back of your head and stitches back the scalp together. This scar is hidden by your already grown hair. The patch then is divided into small grafts with one or many hair follicles according to the place where the transplant need to be done. The division depends on upon many factors such as color, growth, quality and hair type.

Whereas in the Follicular Unit Extraction method the surgeon shaves your scalp at the back of your head and then picks out every hair follicle individually.

Hereafter the procedure is same for both the processes. The doctor numbs the particular area and then transplants the hair follicles with the help of his surgical tools. The scalp is made numb with an injection and the whole procedure is carried out by a team of experts. The procedure can be hours long depending upon the extent of transplant.

Risk Associated:

There are a few risks associated with hair transplant such as you might get scars or infections due to the surgical procedure. Also, the new hair growth may not be as natural as you expected.

No matter what are the risk factors 90% of the people underwent this process came out with a much satisfactory outcome. Hence, if you are suffering from any hair problem