Double Chin

double chin

Double chin can be defined as the layer of a fat tissue present in the area just below the chin. Double chin occurs either because of excessive accumulation of fat in the chin area because of obesity or due to some family traits that are inherited from the previous generations. When sagging of the skin occurs due to aging, it can also lead to double chin.

<strong>How to Get Rid of Double Chin?</strong>
There are three ways of getting rid of double chin.
One is the noninvasive methods like fat dissolving tripolar laser though RF technique.
Fat dissolving injections(lipolytic injections) called Mesotherapy.
Fat removal under local anesthesia by tumescent technique.

<strong>Tripolar Laser (RF)</strong>
This laser is used to reduce facial double chin appearance, the patient needs to take some sessions of a laser as per doctor’s advice. This will be determined after examination, and expectations of the results will be discussed after meeting a consultant.


These are the fat dissolving injections, needs some sessions.

<strong>Tumescent Liposuction or neck lift Surgery</strong>
There are different surgical procedures that can be used for the purpose of double chin removal. Among them, laser surgery, liposuction and neck lift are the most popular ones. In laser surgery, the fat of the chin area is removed and the skin is tightened by the application of laser. There is no scar left behind after the surgery. Post surgery recovery time is few days. A liposuction is a form of cosmetic surgery in which the fat from the chin area is drained out using some surgical tools. The surgery takes an hour to get completed. Within a couple of days, the patient can recover from the surgery. Another method of double chin removal surgery is called neck lift. The process involves elimination of extra fat from the neck area followed by tightening of the adjoining muscles. The draw back of this surgery is that it may leave behind some scars.



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