Acne Scar Therapy

Acne Scar Therapy

A pimple that gets inflamed or doesn’t heal fully can cause a scar. When an acne scar emerges, this means that one of the layers of healthy skin has been damaged and most probably you need an Acne Scar Therapy. To correct that damage, new tissue fibers form to stop the bleeding and to heal the wound, that’s what creates the scar. There are several types of acne scars including keloids, which are shiny and firm masses of tissue, and ice pick scars, which are deep, jagged pits. The type and severity of the scar and the treatment you decide to pursue will have a lot to do with how successful you are in permanently removing these scars. The experts as Aesthetic Cosmetic Centre will guide you on the best possible treatment option for you, during your consultation.

Subcision Technique 

Subcision treats rolling acne scars, which are dented due to scar tissue bands pulling downward on the skin. This procedure involves using a needle to break up the scar from underneath. Sometimes an injectable filler is also needed. Bruising following Subcision can last 1-2 weeks, but the procedure is well-tolerated with local infiltration of anesthetic. A benefit of subcision is the absence of any superficial skin injury, except for minute needle insertion points.

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